Bartosz Kazimierz Papis, Ph.D.


TDD - 4+ years of experience,
C# - 10+ years of experience,
C++ - 15+ years of experience,
Python - 10+ years of experience
Code Carrots
Python programming mentor for GeekGirlsCarrots
Basic knowledge of: C++11, C, Java, Lisp, Fortran, JavaScript, Prolog, Basic, Bash,
Objective-C, SQL, Octave/Matlab, R, Perl, PHP, UML
Microsoft Certified Professional


PDF Link
Ph.D. thesis in Artificial Intelligence: State abstraction in Reinforcement Learning,
defended in 2015 at Warsaw University of Technology
Reinforcement Learning, Neural Networks,
Decision Trees, Support Vector Machines, Genetic Algorithms
Learning From Data
Learning From Data online course

Team leading

Technical leader (8 years of experience)
Scrum Alliance Profile
Certified SCRUM Master (7 years of experience)
SCRUM of SCRUMS leader (3 years of experience)


Qt, boost, gSoap, WCF, WPF, SCons, PyQt
SQL Server, MySQL
Emacs, Visual Studio, Eclipse, PyCharm
BoostTest, NUnit, MSTest, Python’s unittest
StyleCop, TeamCity, Buildbot, Trac, Jira, Confluence, MS Office
ILOG, GLPK, Simone
Enterprise Architect

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